Miracle Berry

Welcome to MiracleFruitHut, a U.S based online store and global distributor dedicated to the taste bud sensation, known widely as Miracle Fruit. We are a leading supplier and connoisseurs of the highest quality Miracle Berry products.

For over 7 years we’ve been shipping freshly picked Miracle Berries off organic expertly grown Miracle fruit plants from our Nursery’s in Southern Florida. We send them safely to customers across the United States, always arriving fresh.

We supply Miracle Berry tablets known as Miracle Frooties worldwide, the best miraculin experience in tablet form. The original synsepalum dulcificum tablet brand, devoted to offering natural, cost effective and tropical taste-bud sensations.

Buy our high germination rate Miracle Fruit Seeds & grow your own! Take advantage of our multi packs and lowest prices online for your miracle fruit needs. We provide quality, efficiency and assistance 24/7!