Christmas Toy Shopping Series #1

Shopping for toys is easy, right? Well, not always. We know that if you want to get the very best toys for the holidays, then it really pays to keeps a few things in mind…. Shop Early For Popular Toys No matter who you're buying for, it always pays to start your Christmas shopping as early as possible (with the exception of waiting for some big sales - see below). This is even truer when it comes to kids. Unfortunately some toys become so trendy and sought-after that it can be very hard to find them in stock the nearer it gets to Christmas! And, when you do find them in stock, you may find that third party sellers have jacked up the prices because they know that desperate parents will pay anything. None of us want to disappoint our kids, so start your shopping as early as possible and as soon as you know what they'd like. We have some tips for making an educated guess on what they'd like if they haven't been clear (see below), and as long as the store you're shopping for has a good returns policy you can always return any gifts that you change your mind about. There's another benefit to buying early, and that's the fact that your gifts will get delivered on time. If you leave things to the very last minute, you'll be relying on the stores, which often means more effort on your part, and higher prices. Shopping early means you can take advantage of online bargains, and that everything will reach you in time for Christmas day. Although next-day delivery is often available, it isn't available on everything and there is sometimes a backlog of up to a few weeks.


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