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Using Miracle Berry Tablets To Make Healthy Eating Fun For Kids

Written by: Jane Anderson

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Fussy and picky eaters are one of the top concerns for all parents, with the phase beginning around the two-year mark. While there are a lot of strategies parents use to try and make healthy food appealing to kids—such as imitating an airplane, using reverse psychology, etc., it can oftentimes seem like an uphill battle.

Miracle Berry Tablets are an alternative that naturally sweeten foods and can make even the fussiest eaters enjoy what they are eating, even when it’s healthy. Incorporate Miracle Berry Tablets in your recipes to save you time while genuinely and naturally bringing flavor and fun to healthy foods.


Make probiotic-rich yogurt taste like dessert

Yogurt is a fantastic healthy snack with sour notes due to the gut health promoting good bacteria found within it. Rich in calcium, protein and important minerals, it is a great option as a snack for kids. However, many store-bought options—in their attempt to make it appeal to kids and fussy eaters in general—offset some of yogurt’s natural health properties by adding a lot of refined sugar and preservatives, definitely making it less of a healthy food and more of a sugar-laden dessert.

A great alternative is making a homemade yogurt dish to make sure you know exactly what is going into it and easily customize the finished product. By chopping up some berries or fruits, arranging them as a happy face on top of your homemade yogurt for an added appeal and giving your kids a Miracle Berry Tablet beforehand, which naturally sweetens foods with sour notes, you can effortlessly make this healthy food taste like a sweet dessert to them, without any unnecessary sugar or additives!

Liven up nutrient-packed smoothies

Since Miracle Berry Tablets naturally sweeten any foods with sour notes, incorporating them when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to make these foods more appealing for kids. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre and tend to be No.1 on most fussy eaters’ “Will Not Eat” list. Considering the fact that 90% of Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, it is important to get your kids used to eating them as early as possible.The next time you want to add a bunch of leafy greens, citrus and other fruits or vegetables into a nutrient-packed green smoothie, give your kids Miracle Berry Tablets first as a treat since they look like candy, and follow it up with the smoothie. You can also play around with the color by adding a few slices of beets for a vibrant pink hue. Your kids will feel like they are drinking a sweet juice while getting in valuable nutrients, making it a win-win.

While all kids will inevitably go through a picky eating phase, there is no need to despair. By incorporating Miracle Berry Tablets into their eating routine, you can ensure your kids eat nutrient-rich foods like homemade yogurt and green smoothies, all the while genuinely enjoying them.

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