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Since 2008 at MiracleFruitHut we've been providing high quality premium miracle berry products across the United States and world, being the #1 resource online for  miraculin tablets, offering the very best of promotions, lowest prices and caring customer service.

Professional, attentive and committed to our customers, we're miracle berry experts providing sweet satisfaction with the magical synsepalum dulcificum!


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We only supply the best miracle fruit tablets available in the market which are all natural and contain no shortcuts and nothing unnatural in the manufacturing process! Our independently run farms in Taiwan are family run and our families use the berries and tablets that we grow and produce. Since our founding the focus has always been on quality, health and our customers experience with both our products and our service.

Our dedication is always to secure shipping, all natural products and encouraging healthy eating through the use of synsepalum dulcificum. We are always only one message away from assisting you with any inquiry and look forward to helping the world become sweeter and more natural for all!