Frequently Asked Questions


How Quick is your Shipping?

We strive to ship out all orders on the day of purchase and have a long history of quick shipping and fast turn around times. You can find full details on our delivery information page here.


Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship miracle berry tablets worldwide and shipping is entirely FREE for single pack orders!


What if my order is not received?

In the unlikely event that your order has not been received please just inform us and we will investigate the order with the shipping courier. All lost orders are dealt with by way of a replacement shipped out immedieately, or a refund if this is alternatively requested.


Is Miracle Fruit Legal?

It is legal to buy, sell as well as grow and consume Miracle Fruit within the United States and in many countries across the world. Miraculin, the active ingredient within Miracle Fruit has not yet been approved as a food additive or sweetener by the FDA, which is why it is not found in commercial food and drink products.

However, other countries, such as Japan, have already approved its use as a sweetener and food additive. Miracle fruit is not currently commercialized in the EU requiring research, funding and registration to be elevated forward, It is however available for research & development and archival interest.


Is Miracle Fruit Safe?

Miracle Fruit has been used for thousands of years by the natives in Western Africa without any reports of adverse effects and has since been used all over the world enjoyed by friends and family. Recent tests have not revealed any known side effects, and the Japanese administration notorious for their high quality and technological advances, have legalized the use of this organic sweetener within commercial food and drink products as a food additive.

Japan also have retail shops and cafe’s that offer the miracle berries with special foods or drinks made for a taste bud explosion of flavors. Currently they have been using it successfully in retail for over 10 Years, with the Cafes offering low Calorie desserts and other foods or drinks perfect for dieters, diabetics and foodies alike.

Japan has even gone as far as to synthesizing the miracle berry in commercial products, combining it in soda’s, foods, wines and other produce. Miracle berry is safe and more importantly naturally grown provided by nature.


Do you offer discounts for Wholesale?

Yes! Just Contact Us with your wholesale requirements and we will be happy to provide you wholesale costs and discounted rates based on a bulk quantity purchase.


What is inside Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit Tablets?

Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit Tablets are made from compressed freeze dried miracle fruit extracted from the freshest as well as ripest miracle berries, furthermore in the Tablets is potato starch a Non-GM binder, This helps increase the products shelf life, and makes it possible for the powder to bind in a tablet form. It is all natural and effective.

The miracle fruit powder is visible in the tablets and also our Large tablets consisting of 600mg of miracle fruit powder which is the equivalent to 5 fresh miracle berries! Our Classic tablets have 350mg inside each tablet which is the comparable to 3 fresh miracle berries.

Miracle berries have an extremely short shelf life of only a matter of days in their natural state, being highly perishable. This is why we made miracle frooties, an exceptional quality yet affordable option to allow long-term storage of the miracle berry.

Miracle Berry plants take 2 and a half years before they start producing fruit, miracle frooties enable you to have a constant regular supply and the option to use the miracle berry whenever you choose. They supply the very best experience available in freeze dried form. Find more information on Our Quality of our taste changing pills.


Other names for Miracle Fruit?

Miracle Berry, Magic berry, Synsepalum dulcificum, Frutto dei miracoli, Fruta maravillosa, Fruto milagro, Fruta de milagro, Frutamilagrosa, Sideroxylon dulcificum, Mirakelfrukten, Mirakelfrukt, Mirakelbaer, Mirakelbaer, Wunderbeere, Mirakelbes, Taami berry, Agbayun.


How long does the effects last?

A single Miracle Fruit tablet’s effect can last up to 2 hours in some cases with the Large miracle frooties, though usually flavor tripping experiences only last between 30-45 minutes.

Time wise the effects may vary from individual to individual and the amount, or sort of food consumed can effect duration.


It didn't work for me or wasn't very effective?

In general it is rare that miracle berry does not work for the user, however there are a small minority of people for who the miracle berry has little or perhaps no effect. Since it is a natural protein the effect is dependent on the users personal taste bud senses. However for the vast majority of users the product works excellently as our reviews online give testimony too.

It is worth mentioning that given that this is a natural experience it can be impacted by lifestyle, diet, the time of day you use it and other similar factors, which means you can have an intense experience on one occasion and a less intense experience on another.

You may also wish to use a tongue cleaner before letting the tablet dissolve upon your tongue, this can help well in enhancing the experience, be sure also to let the miraculin coat your entire tongue.

Finally if you find the experience is not as strong as you would of preferred, try using either 2 x Classic Miracle Frooties or our 600mg Large Miracle Frooties which have 5 miracle berries worth inside!


Do you offer the best prices for Miracle Berry tablets?

We are certain we offer the best prices for premium quality miracle berry tablets and  are the only to offer the lowest price rates and competitive multi pack deals. We provide higher quality for a lower cost, making our offerings perfect for first time experiencers or people with guests are planning for parties or events. We are also the main global distributor for Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit Tablets globally.

If you are offered better elsewhere, show us and we will do our best to beat what you are being offered and provide a better long term service for you to go with it. If you wish to start selling these unique freeze dried tablets and buy in wholesale, be sure to contact us, and we'll be happy to offer the best rates and quality product of Miracle Fruit berries Miracle Fruit tablets. We provide more options and a higher quality of service.