How to Grow Miracle Fruit Plants

Growing Miracle Fruit Plants

Grow miracle berry plants with ease using your miracle fruit seeds and following the below tips to produce great results from our own long term experience. Inside each miracle berry is a seed which can be planted to grow your own miracle fruit plants!


No Over-Watering

  • Be sure that your soil dries between watering the plant.
  • Not to the extent that it wilts but just so the surface is moist.
  • The most effective technique we've discovered is to weigh the plant & pot, when it gets light add additional water.
  • Over-watering is one of the main problems people face and this can lead to a weak plant which will subsequently die if you get root rot.

Checking the PH of the Soil & Water

  • While growing your Miracle plant You are aiming towards a Ph of 5 for water which has slowly drained from your growing container.
  • With your water source it may be to alkali or perhaps your soil may not hold enough acidity.
  • The soil is the most important factor of the miracle fruit plant, results of flowering and fruiting are significantly increased with a excellent soil mix, you can contact us for a recommended soil mix that we use for optimum growth.


Use the Correct Lighting

  • From experience we've seen that 50% shade clot works superb for our Nursery in South Florida.
  • A Good technique to estimate the direct sunlight and intensity for your area is done by situating a shade cover over part of the plant. This will then show you within a week what the plant needs.
  • Should the leaves begin to turn red you have too much Sun or nutrient deficiency.


Using Fertilizers on Miracle Fruit Plants

  • Miracle Fruit plants will accept a whole host of fertilizers and if the proper Ph is accomplished will do well.
  • However if you want rapid growth, new leaves and amazing fruit harvest you need the perfect soil mix.
  • Always be very cautious about new fertilizers its possible they can shock your plant, begin slow at a very dilute pace until you notice the results and how the plant reacts.
  • It will take at least 3 weeks to determine effects. You have to be careful you do not shock your roots as you can easily get root rot and have big problems, so be sure not to rush with any fertilizer...The Key is take it slow, as miracle fruit is a slow grower!