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Miracle Fruit Tablets

Dedicated to Purity & Quality :-

  • 10 Tablet Packs with two size/strength tablets available!
  • 350mg are 3x strength with 3 of our finest high grade quality miracle berries inside each tablet, 600mg are 5x strength with 5 Miracle Berries inside each tablet), Single tablet packs are available in wholesale but made custom to order.
  • The Only HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 food safety certified Miracle Fruit tablet brand (certificates here).
  • 100% organic Non-GM production of Miracle Fruit (we use no pesticides, herbicides or other harmful substances)
  • Contain NO Fat & Sugar Free (of course)
  • Unlike other brands contains NO Cornstarch!
  • Shelf life of 1.5 years+
  • Longest lasting miracle fruit tablets available!
  • Lactose Free & Vegan Friendly.
  • Large 600mg tablets offer a stronger experience and are scored so you can break a tablet in half and use half a tablet instead of a whole (whichever your taste buds require). The benefit of this being that you can buy a Large XL 600mg pack and essentially have 20 servings out of 10 tablets for only a couple of dollars extra than the Classic 350mg pack. The most cost effective miracle berry tablets on the market!
  • The Original and first innovators/creators of the Miracle Berry tablets for the Western market.

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High Quality Production Processes

    • From start to finish in production process our tablets are made with attention to quality. Taiwan possesses the perfect soil for our producer to grow all organic non-gm miracle fruit across various farms located in Taiwan. Our miracle berries are produced from the finest picked berries and turned into a high grade freeze dried powder using the newest and most expensive freeze dried technology equipment.
    • We then use long tested and precise formulas to blend our High Grade quality freeze dried miracle fruit powder together with our all natural NON-GM binder which is potato starch. This enables the miracle berry powder to bond and increases the unreliable shelf life of the berry from a very short period of time to up to 18 months.
    • Tablets are the most convenient way to store synsepalum dulcificum which itself has only a shelf life of a few days at best in the refrigerator. Miracle Fruit powder itself has a shelf life of only a few months but depending on how it's stored can be increased slightly. Nonetheless it's shelf life is less reliable and therefore freeze dried tablets make the perfect low cost alternative with a reliable best before date.

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Research & Development

  • Miracle Frooties™ are the leading miracle fruit tablet brand with the longest research & development of any other brand perfecting the formula of our tablets for our users experience. We take into consideration taste, texture, shelf life, duration, quality, purity & over all miracle berry experience to provide you a unique tropical Rainforest adventure.


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