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Delicious Miracle Fruit Berries

You owe it to your taste buds to try this memorable and exciting flavor tripping experience, a journey into the unusual where certain fruits, foods and drinks of a sour nature taste beautifully sweet. Miracle berries have the ability to bring out new and complex flavors in otherwise plain or simpler foods, while our freeze dried tab miracle berries make the ideal low cost purchase for foodies or those who want to add some flavor sensations to a natural diet. Miracle Berry originates in the tropical rainforests of West Africa where it grows naturally. Treat yourself, a friend or loved one with the gift of sweetness and try these unique taste changing pills.

We provide the very best offers on this exotic berry and premium quality forms of synsepalum dulcificum. Buy miracle frooties at the lowest multi pack costs online and store this normally highly perishable rare berry for long term use, making it wonderful for parties or events. Miracle Frooties are derived from premium freshly picked magic fruit miracle berries that is turned into freeze dried miracle fruit and shipped globally.

What are you waiting for? The flavor sensation awaits you...

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